Wicode Software 

WiCode has been established by two-women techmakers in METU Technopolis Area and is funded by TUBITAK. Wicode uses NLP, gamification, digital community building notions in aiming to develop user-centered technologies.

Our Services


Project Management

We pursue a professional project management approach.


User-Centered DESIGN

We implement our applications based on UX principles

Turnkey Projects

In our projects, we realize the software requirements in a complete turn-key manner


Clean Code

We write clean code with code review processes.


Platform Independent SolutIons

We write platform-independent solutions

Cloud & Serverless Technologies

We develop our apps not only on servers but also on cloud servers and serverless technologies that accelerate software development processes.


Intelligent Diet (InDiet) 

InDiet helps users on their healthy eating journey to change their habits by raising awareness about their lifestyle habits. InDiet users start to pay attention to the food they consume, the amount of water they drink and the exercises they do, thus increase their awareness for a healthy life. They can realize what they are doing wrong, and thus they tend to attempt changing their habits. Besides, when users reach the goals they have set in their healthy life journey, they can share their progress with other users and follow the progress of others if they wish.

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